Ronesha D. Dennis

Web Developer

Hello, I'm Ronesha. I'm a graduate of Howard University with a bachelors degree in Communications and a minor in Computer Science. After graduating, I worked in public health for three years in administrative support and two years in programs manangement. In 2016, I decided to make a career change to web development, and I'm now a Full-Stack Web Developer, utilizing backend languages Ruby on Rails and Python.

I've worked on several websites, taught the Scratch coding language to high schoolers in D.C., and recently taught a two-week summer camp on the Python coding language in support of Black Girls Code. I'm looking for opportunities to support a team and grow as a programmer. Please feel free to contact me for career opportunities or development services.

2016 Annual Report

The 2016 Annual Report website was completed during an internship at New America. The interactive map website outlines the work the organization completed over the course of the year.

Write My Wedding Vows

Write My Wedding Vows is a website that allows clientele to purchase customized written vows, honor attendant speeches and parental speeches for weddings.

New Orleans Appliance and Repairs

New Orleans Appliance and Repair is a landing page introducing clientele to the services of a veteran appliance serviceman in the New Orleans Metropolitan area.


StateLess is a web application that allows state and regional leaders to utilize SMS messaging to reach volunteers during political canvassing.

This project was completed in collaboration with fellow Code for Progress Fellows.
My role included the creation of the user authentication system with the usage of Flask Security, as well as the functionality of individual user roles and responsibilities in the web application.

Atlanta Bus Finder

Atlanta Bus Finder is a web application that allows MARTA bus riders to find their nearest bus stops.


Tasker is a web application that allows users to sign in via Facebook and create, update, and delete tasks from their personal task list.

Good Coffee

Good Coffee is the landing page of a fictitious coffee shop that serves great coffee.

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